Thursday, January 14, 2010

Twits Twitter Tweet Just a Cry for Attention

I know 2009 was the year of Twitter, and while it seems its catching on, is it really the killer application that everyone thinks it is. In such a fast paced industry where business is done at the speed of thought perhaps it is all that it is cracked up to be. Elswhere, I'm not so sure. Perhaps I need an iPhone to really "know" what its all about.

I was at a CeBIT eMarketing conference last year where they had a live Twitter wall that attendies could post their tweets to. During an iPhone evengalists bit a rude twit tweeted how much the iPhone guy was was an Apple suck. Do we need such opinion so rudely out loud. I think it was a tweet for attention. Thankfully the iPhone guy didn't appear to notice. He probably earns a lot more than the twit.

I read this morning that Dani Minogue has used Twitter to announce that she is going to be a Mum. Thats what I call a killer app :-)

I think I'll wait and see another 6-12 months before I pass judgement. After all, wasn't MySpace meant to be the killer app. Who is up dating thiers lately? But hey, thats just my opinion and for now its only going to be published via this blog.

Here at TAFE behind the DET firewall, we don't have access to FaceBook, MySpace or Twitter. Probably a good thing. It makes it a pain however to utilise these social media for our own eMarketing purposes.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Woah its 2010! What happened to 2009?

Well, 2008-2009 saw some pretty big changes to my work/life scenario. I can confidently say these were mostly good changes.

There has been a bigger than expected learning curve with adopting Microsoft SharePoint Server as our main Internet/Internet web platform late in 2008. Probably the biggest single reason why I haven't been updating my blogs.

Also, my partner/wife Kirsty won a great new position they created at Southern Cross University Lismore in her area of expertise. It has always been our intention to move back to this area of the NSW North Coast so this opportunity gave us the impetus we needed to relocate and get into the property market up here.

Also, we have been working on our Bass and Guitar skills with local muso friends here too and now have a competent 4 piece band "RetroVirus" playing mainly 80's covers. We've had some success being booked for private parties and public gigs so far around the Bangalow area. 2010 could see us playing at pubs and clubs around the region and soon become a 5 piece as a talented female keyboard player joins the band.

So, between managing a major IT change project at work, moving house a couple of times, messing with banks, real estate agents, conveyancers and all the rehearsals and commitments required to form a new band, it has been quite a year.

I'm looking forward to the year ahead. I'll try to explain some of the processes that we've used to get the web site projects moving, how we've worked around some of the issues with working with SharePoint and managing change for content managers on the sites. Also, how changes in the eMarketing landscape will evolve our online marketing strategies for search engine optimisation, user centred design, rich content development and mobile web etc etc.