Thursday, December 2, 2010

Project - Alicia Franklin - TAFE to University Pathways

One of several items I'm finishing off over the next few weeks.

This is an example of a video project I worked on for my current employer North Coast TAFE. Its an interview with student Alicia Franklin about her TAFE to Uni study pathway experience. I was responsible for the camera work, audio, editing and processing for the web.

Alicia talks about her experience studying with North Coast TAFE and how it prepared her for further study at Southern Cross and Charles Sturt Universities and how she earned unit credits towards her University courses.

Equine Studies Centre Video updated to Vimeo

New updated version of the Equine Studies Centre marketing video with new North Coast TAFE branding and music added to my Vimeo account. Currently composing a blog about the different video hosting solutions out there and why I choose to use Vimeo over JW Player and YouTube.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Seasoned online professional for hire

Have you been wondering why this Blog hasn't been updated for a while? Well, after 8 years of working exclusively for one organisation I am now back in the employment market.

I believe in maintaining my integrity and that of the organisation I work for ao all I can say is:

Due to the location requirements of the position I've held for the 8 years, the last two working from Lismore Campus, I will cease to work for North Coast TAFE from the end of December 2010.

So, expect freshly update posts here over the coming weeks showcasing my work as I brush up my CV and Portfolio. Applications are now going out to selected job opportunities.

Please get in contact if you know of any opportunities coming up for a skilled and seasoned online professional, hopefully without location restrictions :-)

Thanks for following, I'll keep you updated.