Monday, June 23, 2014

Latest Dogscapades - a Jack Russell, a Cattle Dog and an American Pit Bull Terrier

So I was walking Ms8Months in the pram along the shared public walking/cycle path near Light-House beach, Ballina yesterday afternoon when I saw an American Pit Bull Terrier coming towards us off the leash. On its trajectory along the path it was already making for between us and the road on our right with the bush to our left leaving very little option to avoid a very close and uncomfortable proximity and no means of escape should I choose to make such a futile an effort. I immediately stopped pulling as far to the left as the railing would allow attempting to bring as little attention as possible to our existence.

This was after earlier pointing out to a 40 something man who was walking around the beach carpark with his cattle dog off leash next to the "no dogs" sign that his dog should at least be leashed. His response was "Why, are there council rangers around?" assuming I was concerned he would get in trouble. I corrected him explaining my concern for the safety of children, particularly my baby daughter to which he responded "oh, no, this is such a beautiful, gentle dog". My response to this was the usual "thats what they all say" as he proceeded to wander off towards the beach, dog still unleashed. 

The day before, Saturday, while Kirsty was surfing I was about to take Ms8Months down to the small paddle pool on the reef at Shelly Beach when I noticed a Jack Russell dog swimming in it. I don't know whether the other parents standing around with their children were concerned but none of the children were in the pool while the dog was in there. Call me a snob but there was no way Ms8Months was going in that pool until after high tide had flushed it out. It got me wondering how many dogs paddle in that pool on a daily basis? A man proceeded up the beach, a "no dogs" area, with this dog, wait for it... unleashed. We later came across this same man and dog outside the Shelly beach surf clubso I thought I'd take the opportunity to raise the issue with him. He flat out ignored me and carried on with his business.

It is really horrifying what a dog, even a small one, can do to a grown man never mind a child. I recently became aware of a young girl, 3 year old dog attack victim Victoria Wilcher, who you may have seen in the news as the girl who was asked to leave a KFC "restaurant" in the US because her facial injuries a the result of a dog attack was upsetting customers. 

Victoria Wilcher - one of the less confronting photographs of this brave and lucky survivor.
"Victoria lost her right eye in an April attack at her grandfather's home in Simpson County. She also received a broken upper and lower jaw, a broken nose, and smashed cheekbones. She also lost the ability to move the right side of her face, according to the post."

This has prompted further discussion on dogs in the US: Time: The problem with Pit Bulls 

So, as this pit bull drew closer I became aware of its "owner". I was barely aware of this slight, pierced and tattooed man in his late 20s early 30s dressed in US style basketball singlet, track pants and baseball cap who, in my opinion would have about as much chance controlling this beast as running for Prime Minister had the dog been on the leash anyway. I was wrestling with being prepared for a flight or fight response to protect my 8 month old daughter from a well know baby killer when he said "Ow's it garn blud" as he swaggered past. My fear switched to anger as I watched these two animals saunter past unfettered in provocative disregard to society and safety. 

All I could come up with in my heightened parental state of defence was a calm, controlled

"Yeah... f*%k you"?

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